Back on track

If you have recently left treatment or stopped using by yourself, and are willing to do anything it takes to get your life back on track, then we can help you. Our coaches draw on their own experience to give you the practical and moral support you need.

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Tackling other Issues

The period right after you stop using, or leave treatment, is a difficult time for most people. As well as the addiction itself, there are usually other problems, such as work, possible debts, leisure time and contact with family and friends.

Coaching from Experience

The coaches from De Regenboog Groep know the ropes, because they have been addicted themselves. They know how difficult it can be to stay abstinent and how  'triggers' work when you have just got clean.

If you follow our programme, you will meet your coach on a weekly basis. Your coach will support you in reaching goals that you set for yourself. Together, you will find solutions that work for you.

What You Need to Do

During rehab or treatment you will have the time to get to know your coach. In an equal and respectful way you will start working together to make your recovery stronger. That won't happen by itself, and your coach will ask you to:

  • address your usage of substances
  • look at yourself honestly
  • be prepared to change certain things in your life
  • be open to suggestions
  • live in Amsterdam


Call us at 020 - 53 17 600 (mondays till fridays). Coaching is free of charge.

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What can you do?

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