The Buurtboerderij

The Buurtboerderij, situated in the Westerpark in Amsterdam is an energetic place with lots of activities. Everybody is welcome. Seven days a week we serve sandwiches, soups, pancakes, snacks, cakes and proper meals. Besides offering a feast for your taste buds, we also have many other activities. Join a yoga class or be the first to discover an upcoming band. Come to one of our parties or rent the whole farm for your own private wedding. The Parool newspaper has rightfully proclaimed that our Buurtboerderij is the most awesome place in Amsterdam.

The project

Volunteers and our clients (in a Work Integration Programme) run the Buurtboerderij under the auspices of Rainbow Group’s staff. The tasks and responsibilities are very diverse: hosting and serving guests, keeping the restaurant and recreational room clean and comfortable, assisting in the kitchen, cooking and support during parties and wedding events. Hence, the Buurtboerderij activates everybody who wants to join in.

Contact details


Spaarndammerdijk 319
1014 AA Amsterdam
T +31 20 337 68 20

What can you do?

Become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. 


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