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A tasty and healthy meal is a good basis for any day. Do you enjoy cooking and all that is involved around it? Pease consider the following workplaces:

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Bakery (Bettina Bakt)

What? Working in a bakery
Where? Van Woustraat 188-a, Amsterdam (South)

Bettina Bakt is a biological bakery specialized in German cakes, such as Käsekuchen and Sachertorte, and Bettina’s very popular own creation: the Nameless Cake. Bettina, the owner, is not just any baker: she has a professional background in psychosocial support and considers people with mental health problems to be very capable of contributing to society. She understands your limitations, and if you’d rather work by yourself. Besides Bettina, there are never more than two people working at the same time. The tasks consist of baking cookies and cakes, and cleaning the place. Hygiene has priority. Sometimes it can be busy, but you do not have to work in the shop and help the customers. The bakery is behind the shop. Betttina Bakt is a cosy and quiet workplace where you can learn baking skills at your own pace. There are no career opportunities, but you will gain a lot of experience. And it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Catering (De Gravin)

What? Catering and cleaning
Where? De Derde Schinkel, Derde Schinkelstraat 9, Amsterdam (South)

De Gravin (the countess) is not a royal lady, but the name of our catering firm at the Derde Schinkel. In a beautiful spacious kitchen with modern kitchen appliances, we prepare a daily lunch for the thirty staff members working at the Derde Schinkel. On Friday evening we prepare meals for the elderly in the neighbourhood. Sometimes it can be quite hectic with a lot of people running around, but it never gets really stressful.

You do not have to have any prior cooking skills; you can learn everything on location. Everyone working at De Gravin helps deciding on the menu, preparing the food, and cleaning afterwards. Teamwork is very important; we have a close team and we discuss and cooperate where possible. There is one workshop supervisor and personal care for everyone.

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Drop-in centre and Buurtboerderij kitchens

Where? Various drop-in centres and the Buurtboerderij

Every day of the week we prepare meals for the visitors of the drop-in centres and the Buurtboerderij. The number of visitors varies per location. Our chefs work on a rotating schedule. There is a workplace supervisor with whom you discuss the menu in advance, but aside from that you work independently. You do the shopping, cooking and cleaning by yourself. Hence, you have to be a good planner and organizer and be able to keep your head cool. This is the ideal place for people who love to have the kitchen to themselves.


What? Bar or reception work at the drop-in centre
Where? De Kloof, Kloveniersburgwal 93, Amsterdam (Centre)

As a reception worker you are the first person our visitors see when they enter De Kloof. Seated behind a computer in the hallway, you provide information about the drop-in. To some extent you are the Kloof’s representative, so it is important that you look the part. You will always have someone to talk to, but it can also be busy and chaotic. You have to be able to deal with that!

Behind the bar, you serve the visitors their drinks, manage the drawer with toothbrushes and other toiletries that the visitors can buy for a tuppence, and you have a social responsibility. If you are a sociable person and you can work independently, this might be the ideal workplace for you.

The give-away shop

What? Sales person in a second-hand shop
Where? At the Buurtboerderij (neighbourhood farm), Spaarndammerdijk 319, Amsterdam (West)

The give-away shop of the Buurtboerderij is a very popular spot, not only visited by people who want to pick up something for free or drop something off, but also situated on a busy path where all visitors of the farm are bound to walk past. Sometimes, just before closing time, someone will drop off a load of things, and you will have to sort it all out. You also have to keep the shop nice and tidy and store everything correctly. You check whether the delivered products are clean and in good condition and you check whether people don’t take too many things; it might all be for free, but we do not want someone to take the whole shop at once. Besides, and this will not be a problem for anyone, you will also have to deal with happy customers and happy suppliers, because giving-away brings a smile to everyone.

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