Down and out in Amsterdam

In recent years, it has been found that many Amsterdam homeless people have an Eastern European background.

We support them if they want to get their lives back on track, just like other homeless people in the city. We do this with a shower, food and a place to sleep to let them get some peace, and also with social work, legal advice and possible return to their country of origin.


Seeing and seizing opportunities

In search of a better future, young Eastern Europeans in particular come to the Netherlands. They are looking for work. Not everyone who comes to Amsterdam finds a job. Some do not succeed; they end up on the streets and their situation deteriorates.

More than one problem

People asking for help at De Regenboog Groep have different kinds of problems. Many of them abuse alcohol or other drugs. Some of them have an intellectual limitation or psychiatric problems. In addition, almost all of them have financial worries. Usually, the person seeking help has multiple problems at the same time and hardly speaks any Dutch.

No social rights

(Eastern) Europeans who are in trouble are allowed to stay in the Netherlands, but are not usually entitled to benefits, housing or healthcare in the Netherlands. For help they have to return to their country of origin. This is regulated in international laws and treaties. But those seeking help cannot step back across the border just like that. After all, they didn't leave for nothing.

We speak their language

We understand addiction and psychiatry. In addition, we are in regular contact with mental health institutions, the Dutch police and consulates and embassies of Eastern European countries. We work with relief workers all over Europe, for example, if hospitalisation is required after returning home. To help properly, we speak various languages, including Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and of course English and Dutch.

Trust first

We think it is important that someone who asks for help feels listened to. Only with mutual trust is there a chance of success. We discuss the sticking points that someone faces and arrange a possible soft landing in their country of origin. We do this with local partners. We provide a realistic picture of the possibilities. We leave the final decision with the person who asks for help. When someone goes back, we stay involved in the background. It doesn’t matter to us whether the dreamed-of future now lies in the Netherlands or in the country of origin.

AMOC and T6

At our walk-in centre, AMOC, on Stadhouderskade, we help (Eastern) European homeless people in Amsterdam. In addition, our place on Transformatorweg offers 24-hour reception for 30 people from outside the Netherlands. These people are formally called ‘non-entitled’. Want to know more? If you need help, please register by clicking on ‘need help’ below.

More information?

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You can also drop in or phone:

AMOC │ Stadhouderskade 159 │1074 BC Amsterdam │ 020 - 672 11 92

T6 │ Transformatorweg 6 │1014 AK Amsterdam │06 - 53 20 69 57


The project is made possible with support from Skanfonds, SIOC, KNR/PIN, Fundatie van den Santheuvel Sobbe.


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