"Eropuit": Group activities

Our group activities offer something for everyone, indoor or outdoor, in a bar or a community centre, creative or culinary, cultural or sportive.

Join a group activity and have some fun? We organize activities for all RG’s clients, visitors and participants. We offer Erop-Uit (Going Out) Activities, where small groups go into town together to do something fun. In our Amsterdam based community centres you can also frequently attend one of our open houses or local restaurants.

In our client groups a few people at a time get together regularly to drink coffee, practice their hobby or have a chat.

Look at our program to see all our activities.

The program is in Dutch. if you need help to understand, please call us at +31 20 683 92 60.



Do you want to know more about volunteering?

Please, send an e-mail to vrijwilligerswerk@deregenboog.org or call 020 531 76 00


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What can you do?

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Voluntary work in Amsterdam


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