Facility employee

The facility employees are essential members of our staff. They do the work that has to be done, to keep our locations up and running.

The nature of the work varies per location. Some options are:

Please call  us at +31 20 531 76 00 if any of these opportunities appeal to you. 


What? Catering, cleaning and small removal services
Where? Corvershof, Protestant Parish, Nieuwe Herengracht 18 (near the Hortus Botanicus)

The Corvershof is a beautiful eighteenth century building, once built to provide shelter to the elderly poor in Amsterdam. Currently it houses the Protestant Parish. In the small cosy kitchen of the Corvershof a daily lunch is prepared for the (more or less) twenty staff members of the parish. The lunch is served in a magnificent room on a beautifully laid table.

Other tasks consist of doing the groceries, cleaning the various office departments and garden maintenance. Sometimes we also take care of small removals. When working for Corvershof you can be assigned one or several of the abovementioned responsibilities. Supported by a work supervisor you will have the opportunity to work independently in a quiet and social environment. Although there are no career opportunities within the Corvershof, the acquired work experience might be useful elsewhere.

More information: www.protestantsamsterdam.nl

Laundry and clothes exchange

What? Taking care of the laundry
Where? Various drop-in centres in Amsterdam

The visitors of our drop-in centres are offered a shower and clean clothes. The washer runs continuously and the clotheshorses are always full, but these clothes obviously don’t wash themselves. As a laundry and clothes exchange employee you will always be busy. You will work either in the morning or afternoon, during which you will launder, iron and fold up (kitchen) towels and clothes. You will also be responsible for the cleaning of the showers.

This task is ideal for people who like to work by themselves (the workspace is rather small), enjoy household tasks, and appreciate hygiene.

More information about the locations: www.deregenboog.org


What? Cleaning
Where? Various drop-in centres in Amsterdam

The self-cleaning drop-in centre has yet to be invented. Thus we greatly value all our staff members who help to keep the place spick and span. An essential requirement for all our cleaning staff is that they can work independently and work together with the supervisors.

More information about the locations: www.deregenboog.org

Carrier bike transport

What? Internal carrier bike transport service
Where? Blaka Watra, Droogbak 1c (Centre)

Blaka Watra has two carrier bikes for small transportations in Amsterdam. With these bikes we pick up bread from bakeries and bring essentials to other RG locations. You will be biking through the whole city, so it is practical if you know your way through town, as well as the traffic regulations. You will be working independently and some sense of responsibility is required but the pressure is not so high; you can bike at your own pace.

What can you do?

We need your help, become a volunteer! You can help by investing your time and energy, by working with citizens of Amsterdam with unusual stories. Or become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. You are always welcome to drop by and see how your money is spent. Or why not buy one of the products from our online Gift Shop? A present for someone you know, perhaps. It's all contributing towards a better society. And that's great, isn't it?


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