Financial empowerment training

Surviving with a small budget can be complicated and very stressful. It also triggers a multitude of questions: how do I keep track of my finances? Where can I get help? And what are my rights?

In a series of eleven meetings covering various themes, the Op Eigen Kracht training provides its participants with handholds for such questions. The participants will encourage each other and find their own strength through the exchange of advice and experiences.

One trainer leads all the sessions, but we also invite different guest lecturers to talk about topics such as healthy diets, saving energy and stress management. The Op Eigen Kracht trainings are held in various Amsterdam districts and Diemen.

Vincent: “I’ve learnt so much, I feel rich despite being poor!”

Avoda: “Nobody knew I have debts. I was always helping others and often bought things for others or myself. In the training I learned to break this behavioural pattern.”

‘Work on your future’ workshop

Following the Op Eigen Kracht training you may choose to participate in the ‘work on your future’ workshops. In three sessions you define and work on your own personal goal, together with the other participants. In doing so, we focus on different forms of communication; how do you communicate? And how can you use your communication effectively to achieve your goals? You can put this skill to use in communication with service providers, government institutions or a future employer.

Maurice: “I have learnt an awful lot about communication and how I can support myself.”

Fatma: “I now know how to interact with different institutions and I have become more assertive”.


Please visit our website for more information on locations and starting dates of our training sessions and workshops. You can register online or call: +31 6 221 662 77.
All training sessions and workshops are in Dutch.

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