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We want all Amsterdam residents to be able to play an active role in our society. For people who are not (currently) able to do independent paid or voluntary work, we organise day activities. These activities enable you to be actively involved, to belong, develop personal skills and prevent a relapse or isolation. What's more, it's nice to do something useful, be among other people, work together and learn something new. 

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For whom?

Our work places are suitable for most Amsterdam residents over the age of 18, whose circumstances prevent them from filling their time in an interesting or useful way with regular or voluntary work. We can only establish whether you are eligible to take part after meeting you in person. Sometimes we can make a reasonable assessment on the phone. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us. And if we can't accommodate you, we will be happy to help you find something else.

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The municipality categorises day activities on the basis of goals (it calls them 'result areas'). At De Regenboog, we work with the goals: Participate, Cooperate and Work Activation. Roughly speaking, Participate concerns stability and structure, Cooperate is about learning or expanding skills, while Work Activation involves the final steps to independent (regular or voluntary) work. Which goal you start with depends on your situation, your skills and your possibilities and desire to learn. Within the various goals, you decide for yourself what your key learning goals are, such as: build up a daily routine, manage feedback or learn a profession.

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Types of work and workplaces

Our aim is to offer everyone a suitable workplace. We therefore have many different activities and our projects all have a unique atmosphere. Where you are placed depends initially on your interests and wishes, but also on the right match. This might include atmosphere, workload, the size and composition of the group, but also whether we can match the activities to your goal. Your programme counsellor will help you make the right choice.

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At your workplace, you will have a supervisor. Your supervisor is responsible for providing daily guidance on the work floor and discusses with you what you are going to do and how. You also have a programme counsellor. He/she will explain where you will be working and you discuss with him/her how you are doing. Together, you monitor your goals and your programme counsellor can advise you on future possibilities and provide any assistance. At least once a year, you meet both supervisors to talk about your progress and your goals. In many cases, we use a method (INVRA) to give you insight into your performance and growth. Your programme counsellor can tell you more about this.

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Working hours & Shifts

At De Regenboog Groep, we make agreements about your rota. Your exact working hours depend on your own wishes, the location where you work and the availability of workplaces. You agree on these with your work supervisor.

For some projects, we also work in the evenings and/or at weekends.

A shift is 3 to 4 hours, depending on the project you are involved in. You work 2 to 6 shifts a week and a maximum of 2 shifts a day. For some projects which we call 'social firm', you can work up to 8 day shifts a week.

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De Regenboog Groep pays participants an allowance. For each shift that you work, you receive €4. If you work for a 'social firm', you receive €5. In most cases, you can let us know the frequency with which you wish to be paid. You will not be paid if you are absent or ill. We do not pay separate travel expenses.

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We have so many activities on offer, that we can't describe everything on this page. Within most types of work, we can offer you customised work with regard to location, atmosphere, responsibilities and degree of difficulty. If you are interested in working with De Regenbook, register here:


If you wish to know more about the options, please contact us at: or call +31 (0)20 5317600. 


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What can you do?

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