Handyman work and gardening

Do you love gardening or do you have a knack for screws and drills? The Rainbow Group has gardens and there is always something to fix.

Please read about our workplaces below:

  • Homeservice
  • The Buurtboerderij's handyman team
  • Blaka Watra’s handyman team
  • Ondro Bong’s Garden
  • Facade gardens
  • Blaka Watra’s vegetable garden
  • Carrier bike transport
  • Bike workshop
  • Sweeping team (several locations)

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What? A chore service
Where? All over the city, but based at the Derde Schinkel, Derde Schinkelstraat 9, Amsterdam (Centre)

Broken doorbell, exfoliated paint, or a laminate floor that needs laying? The Homeservice will fix it. Homeservice is the chore service of the Derde Schinkel and offers a helping hand to people with mental health problems in Amsterdam.

Every morning, our chore-team consisting of more or less eight men and women comes together at the Derde Schinkel, where the group is divided into teams before visiting our clients all over the city. Depending on the chore and your own preferences you can work independently or together with others.

The most common chores are painting and laying laminate, so it is an asset if you have some experience in either of these. We also have quite a lot of electronic chores, but sometimes guests want their administration sorted, buttons sewn onto a shirt or someone to do the groceries. The Homeservice can pick up all kinds of small chores in and around the house, but that does not mean that everyone has to do everything. People do what they can and enjoy and the supervisor can help if you want to learn something, but if you really are very clumsy this might not be the right place for you.

More information: www.deregenboog.org/homeservice

The Buurtboerderij's handyman team

What? Building and fixing
Where? Buurtboerderij, Spaarndammerdrijk 319, Amsterdam (West)

The handyman team of the Buurtboerderij (neighbourhood farm) has their own building next to the give-away shop. We have a lot of wood and tools and a permanent need to build or fix something. Our team makes benches and tables for in the farm’s garden.

Here you can work outdoors, while putting your shoulder to the wheel. We mainly conduct chores on location but we also service the other locations of the Rainbow Group. The tasks range from carpentry, painting, kitting, to hanging up shelves. Hence, you have to have some affinity with handyman work and you shouldn’t have two left hands. You can work independently or together with others. It all depends on your preferences and the nature of the project. There are no career opportunities, but you can specialize in certain activities and learn to work more independently in your field. The workshop supervisor is a professional handyman.

Blaka Watra’s handyman team

What? Small chores on location
Where? Blaka Watra, Droogbak 1c, Amsterdam (Centre)

Do you have a knack for handling a hammer and nails? Do you always notice little chores to be done? In that case you might want to consider working for our handyman team. This supervised team does small chores on location. You will be doing useful work, while working with your hands.

Ondro Bong’s garden

What? Working in the garden
Where? Ondro Bong, Zeeburgerdijk 53, Amsterdam (East)

Ondro Bong has two gardens, one with ornamental plants and one with edible plants, spread out over pots on the back porch. Two regular visitors of Ondro Bong, who enjoy gardening, attend to both gardens. The edible plants are used for the daily lunch prepared in our kitchen. If you are a regular visitor of Ondro Bong, want to make yourself useful and love gardening, you might want to consider working as our gardener. There is a work supervisor, but you have to be able to work independently.

More information: www.deregenboog.org/waar/ondro-bong

Facade gardens

What? Maintenance of facade gardens in the neighbourhood
Where? Different locations, but based at Makom (Van Ostadestraat 153) and De Kloof (Kloveniersburgwal 95), Amsterdam (South and Centre)

If you love plants and fresh air you might enjoy working for our facade garden project. As our staff member you will be maintaining facade gardens for people in the neighbourhood. Departing from Makom or De Kloof you will visit different addresses, where we do some gardening. Locals can subscribe to our service and have their facade garden maintained on a bi-weekly basis.

The facade garden project is a relatively small project. You work in pairs with one supervisor. Hence, the atmosphere is peaceful, quiet and personal. You learn to work independently and to take responsibility. You also learn about different plants and gardens and the effects of the different seasons.

Blaka Watra’s Vegetable Garden

What? Gardening
Where? Blaka Watra, Droogbak 1c, Amsterdam (Centre)

A healthy meal can give you energy for the day. At Blaka Watra some of the vegetables in our meals are homegrown, from our smartly constructed terrace garden behind the building; It’s cheap, healthy and tasty. With supervision you learn to take care of the different crops, sowing and reaping, weeding and everything else that needs doing in a garden. You should try it! A tomato, which you cared for and reaped yourself, tastes very different from one you just buy in a shop. It tastes of pride.

Carrier bike transport

What? Internal carrier bike transport service
Where? Blaka Watra, Droogbak 1c (Centre)

Blaka Watra has two carrier bikes for small transportations in Amsterdam. With these bikes we pick up bread from bakeries and bring essentials to other RG locations. You will be biking through the whole city, so it is practical if you know your way through town, as well as the traffic regulations. You will be working independently and some sense of responsibility is required but the pressure is not so high; you can bike at your own pace.

Bike workshop

What? Repairing bicycles
Where? Bilderdijkstraat 182, next to drop-in centre Oud-West, Amsterdam (West)

You will find our bike workshop in a courtyard behind the candle workshop COLORS. The workshop is small but well organized. The atmosphere is pleasant but serious.

The tasks at the bike workshop consist of repairing bikes for a shop and rental firm. This means we really need to deliver a high quality service. Besides we also need to administer what bikes come in, go out, and what it is we repaired.

If you work here it is important that you can work in a team and that you are open to feedback. You also need to work in an organized manner. Experience in the technical field is an asset, but if you do not have such experience you have to be prepared to learn. There are no career opportunities at the bike workshop, but it could be possible to find work as a bike repairman at another location.

Sweeping team

What? Sweeping the streets
Where? Various locations in Amsterdam

The Rainbow Group has various sweeping teams, who head out every day to clean the streets and the neighbourhood, regardless of the weather. The atmosphere in the team is always good and it is very grateful work, because everybody appreciates his or her street being cleaned. As you work in a team we expect you to be on time and you must also be able to work together with others and accept leadership. There are no career opportunities, but you are making yourself useful.

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