LGBT+ Buddies

De Regenboog is there for everyone in the LGBTI+ community whose life is (temporarily) off balance due to multiple problems and mental or psychiatric complaints.

An LGBT+ Buddy is involved with the community and really wants to mean something to an LGBT person. The buddy does this by meeting once a week or every two weeks with someone whose life is not going so well.

Usually this is about support for LGBT+ people who feel alone, suffer from psychiatric and/or addiction problems, have a limited social network or none at all, and/or have debts. Some participants are refugees and are looking for support, for example, settling in (as LGBT+) and finding their way in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

De Regenboog’s Buddies

The LGBT+ buddies have themselves often gone through coming out. They feel solidarity with people for whom things are going less well, do not judge, and have an open-minded attitude.

Our buddies receive training in which attention is paid to many prevalent problems and calls for help. Alongside this training, they are supervised by co-ordinators who themselves are also LGBT. A buddy meets regularly with someone in the target group, and is there to share pleasant and problematic moments together, and to break out of the daily grind. A buddy does not take over any tasks, but helps on the way and encourages people to tackle things for themselves. During the introduction process, a buddy receives guidance from the Regenboog Groep.

LGBT+ Refugees

The Regenboog’s volunteers also help LGBT+ refugees to integrate into Amsterdam. The support is intended for LGBT+ refugees who have difficulty with integration and moreover suffer from (psychiatric) problems that are partially associated with their sexual orientation. These LGBT+ ex-asylum seekers have often fled from their own country owing to discrimination and violence. Having arrived in the Netherlands, in contrast to other asylum seekers, they frequently receive no support from compatriots or family members, because they have difficulty accepting LGBT+ people. An LGBT+ buddy helps LGBT+ refugees escape their social isolation by taking them under their wing and helping them to make a start on building a life in Amsterdam. 

Still in the Procedure

We also support refugees who have not been able to talk, or have not been able to explain properly, about their being LGBT+ during the asylum procedure. They have not received asylum and usually want to start a new application process. We also support them by appointing an LGBT+ buddy. The contact breaks through the grind of their often stressful life, undertaking activities together and just doing something nice or relaxing with someone. In addition, the contact with another LGBT+ person can help them to talk about being LGBT+.

Want to Become a Buddy?

De Regenboog is looking for voluntary buddies. Do you feel connected to the LGBT+ community? Do you have time to meet up once a week or once every two weeks? If so, register as a buddy. Use the button below.


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