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Real loneliness is hard to beat. People with mental health or addiction backgrounds have often spent years excluded from society. Their life has not only turned them into outcasts, it has also affected their sense of self-worth. Once you have won the battle against mental health or addiction problems it still takes a lot of work to rebuild your social networks. Networking coaches help in this process.

People with strong social networks live more healthily, are more successful and are generally more content with their lives. Social relations contribute to your personal development and self-respect; they are important for individual functioning. The network coaches help people with mental health or addiction backgrounds to build their social networks. For instance by restoring old contacts, participating in local activities or volunteering. The network coach works according to a ten-step-approach and supports the client in his or her battle against anxieties and insecurities, the building of confidence, and the taking of steps to break with their social exclusion.

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