opvang vluchtelingen naast Centraal station

Night shelter for refugees next to Central Station

Amsterdam 16 september - During the next few weeks the Rainbow Group Foundation, in co-operation with the Protestant Parish, will offer night shelter for refugees at the drop-in centre Blaka Watra next to Central Station. Recently, Amsterdam Central Station has been confronted with refugees passing through on their way to the Application Centre at Ter Apel in Groningen. As the last train to Ter Apel leaves at 20.07, refugees arriving later in the evening have to spend the night in Amsterdam and most often sleep at the station. In spite of an extra busservice to Ter Apel, the number of people staying at the station has increased substantially in the last few days. The city of Amsterdam has therefore decided to provide night shelter, and has designated the Drop-in centre Blaka Watra for this purpose. As long as necessary, refugees can spend the night at Blaka Watra to continue their journey to Ter Apel the next morning. At the drop-in centre, located at Droogbak 1 next to Central Station, people are offered a warm meal, shower- and sleepingfacilities, clean clothes and breakfast. In the next few weeks about 1500 refugies are expected to pass through Amsterdam.

Donations for extra meals are most welcome at NL 21 INGB 0000 00 8081 in the name of Regenboog Groep Amsterdam, under mention of Vluchtelingen.




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