Amsterdam needs you!

We are sorry to inform you that currently we cannot process applications from non-Dutch speaking volunteers.

Join as a volunteer! Broaden your horizon, get to know the city, meet new and sometimes out of the ordinary people and complete your resume with a new experience.

Annually over 1,200 people ask us for the support of a buddy or coach. Donate some time, attention and offer a lonesome fellow citizen a new perspective.

Some of our clients speak little to zero Dutch. For them it is very helpful to have an English-speaking buddy. We love to introduce you to one of these clients. We also welcome native speakers in other languages.

Do you have 4 hours to spare on a weekly base? Do you empathize with those in need? Do you care for Amsterdam and its inhabitants? Are you open minded to all kinds of people?

Do you want to support a fellow citizen as a buddy? Or maybe help out with the many different tasks in one of our walk-in homes?



Or send an e-mail to or call 020 531 76 00

Note that all our volunteers are trained and coached by professionals. All courses and training are free of charge for our volunteers. We work with the official Volunteer Academy in the Amsterdam city centre.


What can you do?

Become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. 


Voluntary work in Amsterdam


Become a donor