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Graphic work (Repro)

What? Graphic work, reproduction, serigraphy
Where? The Derde Schinkel, Derde Schinkelstraat 9, Amsterdam (South)

Repro is the digital design studio and printing house of the Derde Schinkel. Repro designs and prints: posters, flyers, business cards, brochures, teaching materials, year reports and much more.

Repro is situated in a big room with computers along the wall. The atmosphere is relaxed and sociable. All new employees start with designing birthday cards, and afterwards they can learn to pick up other work. The work tasks consist of designing, making copies, cropping prints and folding brochures. You can work at your own pace. It really helps if you already know some Photoshop and graphic design basics, but if not you should at least be prepared to learn about it.

At Repro you will make things that many people will see and admire, something to be proud of.

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Bookbinding Workshop

What? Artisanal work with paper and old books
Where? The Derde Schinkel, Derde Schinkelstraat 9, Amsterdam (South)

Old books are like old people: they need good care. We do so in the bookbinding workshop of the Derde Schinkel. We restore thick books with ripped pages and torn covers, we bundle magazines’ or thesis’ volumes, or we make booklets in an artisanal manner. But we also have more simple projects, such as making cardboard boxes or folders. You can join us regardless of your level of expertise. We offer professional growth opportunities.

The room’s atmosphere is conversational and laid-back. The pleasant and light workplace offers eight people enough room to work quietly. Everybody works independently. The workplace supervisor teaches you the bookbinding knacks one step at the time. You can choose to work together with others at the big table or at one of the more private workspaces.

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Administrative workplace

What? Administrative work behind a computer
Where? The Derde Schinkel, Derde Schinkelstraat 9, Amsterdam (South)

Do you enjoy working in an office, without the usual stress and pressure? If so, you might want to consider working at the administrative workplace. In a quiet computer room you will be working on administrative tasks, consisting mainly of data input in a computer or in a paper archive. The job is ideal for people who want to work quietly and at their own pace, but you should be able to concentrate on the work. You will be working with Word and Excell, so it’s great if you are experienced in working with these programmes, but we can teach you if you do not.

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Bike workshop

What? Repairing bicycles
Where? Bilderdijkstraat 182, next to drop-in centre Oud-West, Amsterdam (West)

You will find our bike workshop in a courtyard behind the candle workshop COLORS. The workshop is small but well organized. The atmosphere is pleasant but serious.

The tasks at the bike workshop consist of repairing bikes for a shop and rental firm. This means we really need to deliver a high quality service. Besides we also need to administer what bikes come in, go out, and what it is we repaired.

If you work here it is important that you can work in a team and that you are open to feedback. You also need to work in an organized manner. Experience in the technical field is an asset, but if you do not have such experience you have to be prepared to learn. There are no career opportunities at the bike workshop, but it could be possible to find work as a bike repairman at another location.


What? Manufacturing
Where? Kriekenoord 3, Diemen

When you work for Pantar you will be doing manufacturing jobs, such as the cutting of textiles. The project is situated in a large building in Diemen, which is easily accessible by tram. The building consists of different halls, with various kinds of manufacturing jobs. There is a bustling atmosphere and quite a high work pace. You have to be able to deal with noise and bustle, because it can get quite noisy with all those people and machines around you. However, don’t let the immensity discourage you: the halls might be huge, and there might be 300 people working at the same time, but you will always work in a small team of ten people, with a foreman to supervise the workplace, and your own trajectory supporter from the Rainbow Group on call.

This workplace offers a lot of structure, while simultaneously leaving room for some fun and social contacts if you feel like it. It is important that you can work independently and punctually and during work you are not allowed to use any substances.

There are many career opportunities at Pantar. If you start working for Pantar you will begin in a so-called pilot programme. After a maximum of three months you will move on from the pilot to one of the trajectories of Pantar. You will get different working hours, but everything will happen in accordance with your own preferences and at your own pace. Possibly you can also move on to a paid job within our firm. Pantar offers structure and a possibility to get out of social benefits. Take a look on our website if you would like to see what opportunities we have:

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