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Work and daytime activities. Work helps, well done!


De Regenboog Groep helps people in Amsterdam who have little access to the labour market find employment. Everyone will work several half-days each week, under contract and for financial compensation. We work with businesses and partner organisations throughout the city, setting up social firms that create jobs.


Soeri’s experience

"I worked as a social worker for ten years. Until one day ... I had a panicattack and then was reported sick. I never recovered and was sacked. Sitting at home proved nothing to me. Luckily I was able to work at the printshop of the Regenboog Groep. It is very important for me to be among people, otherwise I start to get puzzled; off colour. " - Soerti Kanhaisingh

That's how we do it!

Below we describe the ways in which we offer the help mentioned above.

What can you do?

Become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. 


Voluntary work in Amsterdam


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