Tijdelijk Onder Dak (Temporary Shelter)

The housing market in Amsterdam and the region has been tens. Finding an affordable home in the short term is extremely difficult. As a result, people become "economically homeless". Homelessness leads to practical problems, social tension and stress. Tijdelijk Onder Dak inventively tries to bring peace to the lives of economically homeless people so that they can work on a stable future.

The temporary home

Tijdelijk Onder Dak rents temporarily to economically homeless people. There is room for two residents in each 3- or 4-room apartments, each with its own rental contract. The contract runs for a maximum of one year. After that, the tenant must have found a more permanent solution himself.

The houses are in need of a facelift, which is why they will be demolished or renovated within 2 to 3 years. As a result, the houses cannot be rented out through Woningnet; Tijdelijk Onder Dak is "vacancy management".

tijdelijk onder dak, amsterdam, foto: jordi-moncasiFor the economically homeless

Economically homeless people are people who mainly have a housing problem, for example after a divorce, bankruptcy or return from a foreign country. They do not earn enough to buy or rent a house. They have not been registered with WoningNet long enough to be able to rent a home and are not entitled to urgency. Because they have few other problems, economically homeless people are not eligible for social shelter (for example in a night shelter). Tijdelijk Onder Dak is intended for these people. It offers the peace of mind that is needed to look for a suitable solution for the longer term.

Conditions for Tijdelijk Onder Dak

Candidates for Tijdelijk Onder Dak meet the following conditions:

  • They don't have a home, (and they can not stay with friends or family anymore)
  • They are self-reliant,
  • They are socially skilled, because the house is shared with a companion,
  • They have no addiction or (serious) psychological problems,
  • They do have an income to pay the rent,
  • They have no (housing care for) children (if they do, look at Parentshouse),
  • They are motivated to work on their situation. For example, by looking for (better) work, repairing or expanding thier own network, an affordable room or home in Amsterdam or beyond.

This is how it works

If a house becomes vacant at one of the participating housing corporations, they report it to De Regenboog Groep. De Regenboog selects two people from the "waiting room". They receive their own contract and register with the municipality of Amsterdam.

In addition, the residents sign a project contract with De Regenboog Groep. It describes what the resident's personal goals are and how the resident will achieve them. After all, Tijdelijk Onder Dak is only for one year.

Interested parties can register here. Everyone who registers must meet all criteria. This is followed by a personal intake interview.

You can register here from 1 December.

More information via 020-5317600

The initiators

Tijdelijk Onder Dak is an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam, housing corporations De Alliantie, de Key, Rochdale, Stadgenoot, Ymere and De Regenboog Groep. They have joined forces to introduce this new form of temporary living. Tijdelijk Onder Dak started in 2020 for a trial period of one year.


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What can you do?

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