Flowers from the cardboard hotel, de regenboog groep, rainbow soul club, catalogus

Flowers from the cardboard hotel

Rainbow Soulclub 2005-2015. A book with a presentation of 10 years of art, made by the Rainbow Soulclub. A group of people who are homeless and who visit Blaka Watra on a daily basis.

The reader is taken on a trip on the basis of two penetrating life stories of homeless men with an addiction. Illustrated with artworks that express experiences and desires that belong to the turbulent street life. Artist and founder of Rainbow Soulclub Saskia Jansen: "Our prejudices about homeless users are not correct. So our homeless men are not so pathetic at all and have not had a bad childhood per se ". there art can not be characterized, according to Jansen. But the process of creating makes them calm and cheerful inside

The Rainbow Souclub is an initiative of visual artists Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit. Since 2005 they have been working as volunteers at De Regenboog Groep; walk-in centre for homeless and addicts in Amsterdam. The Rainbow Soulclub organizes encounters and collaboration between artists, art academy students and visitors of De Regenboog. Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel: Rainbow Soulclub 2005-2015 is a selection from the archives and collected on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of De Regenboog Groep.

Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel;
Rainbowbow Soulclub 2005-2015,
256 pag./ ca. 220 illustrations
text: Alexis, Saskia Janssen, Clifton Lettering, Roy Telgt
form: Jaan Evart
translation Ned./Eng.: Andrew May;
editing: Saskia Janssen en George Korsmit
ISBN 978-90-818-783-2-6;