Quite a few EU citizens, driven by the poor economic circumstances in their native countries, take pot luck, hoping for jobs in another part of Europe. Some of them end up in the Netherlands, often in Amsterdam. Here, they are often confronted by harsh reality: no jobs, no wages, no home. The government does not regard them as entitled: they are not entitled to benefits, care or housing. Their problems are worsened by the fact that many of them do not speak anything other than their native language. The combination of these factors often results in a downwards spiral, with the mental problems and other issues that go with it. AMOC has a specific range of care facilities for this vulnerable group of foreign nationals. During the day, they are given shelter at the walk-in centre on Stadhouderskade. AMOC also has limited overnight shelter, guaranteeing round-the-clock shelter for crisis situations.


maandag t/m vrijdag van 10.00-17.00 uur (telefonisch bereikbaar van 9.00-18.00) 

maandag t/m vrijdag van 10.00-17.30 uur
zaterdag en zondag van 12.00-19.30 uur

maandag t/m zondag van 21.00-9.00 uur (telefonisch bereikbaar voor noodgevallen)

Location information

Inloophuis AMOC

Stadhouderskade 159
Phone020 - 672 11 92

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