Blaka Watra

Drop-in centre and Drug Consumption Room Blaka Watra is situated several hundred metres from Central Station, on the ground floor of the Rainbow Group’s head office. Besides many people from Surinam and the Dutch Antilles the visitors are very multi-cultural. Visitors can come to eat a tasty meal, prepared by other visitors. The meals are an appealing part of the drop-in, as is the interior, which resembles a Caribbean party: tropical colours with murals and paintings created by the visitors. They act quite independently, but always under the supervision of volunteers and professionals. Regarding Participation and Work Integration Programmes Blaka Watra is functioning at its maximum capacity: carrier bike transport, a sweeping team and the Rainbow Soul general arts club. We also have a lot of working visitors, who help to supervise, cook or clean the drop-in centre.


Phone: +31 20 531 76 30

Location information

Blaka Watra

1-C Droogbak
Amsterdam 1013 GE

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