De Spreekbuis

De Spreekbuis is the smallest of our walk-in centres, and that is precisely its attraction. It has the ambiance of a homely living room. It is focused on the neighbourhood: some thirty homeless people from Ooster Park and Flevo Park are our guests here. Trainees and volunteers are on hand to help the professional community-care workers, who try to delegate as much as possible. This approach works, thanks to the small-scale set-up: the visitors assume almost full responsibility for their own walk-in centre. Visitors are called in to clear out homes of lonely, elderly people after their deaths. In winter, they clear the snow from porches and pavements. Moreover, De Spreekbuis has a key position within the organisation of De Regenboog Groep. Visitors wash clothes and sort them. Then, the clothes are stored until extra clothes are needed somewhere within De Regenboog Groep.

Opening hours
Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 to 13:00 hours

Location information

De Spreekbuis

72 Tweede Oosterparkstraat
1091 JG
Phone020 - 665 45 95

What can you do?

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