The Derde Schinkel

De Derde Schinkel cares for people who need supervision due to their personal problems and impediments. They are supervised as they work towards daytime activities, unpaid, subsidised or paid work at Pantar Amsterdam or steady employment. De Derde Schinkel forms a bridge between people and society by offering customised action plans.

De Derde Schinkel has six work experience companies offering a full range of jobs. The small-scale approach and personal attention at De Derde Schinkel provides a safe environment from where the step to a follow-up job can be made. The action plans followed at De Derde Schinkel are primarily intended as entry-level or preliminary courses of action towards steady employment. De Derde Schinkel bases its work on practical activities combined with supervision. We work on the principle that there is room for your qualities, interests and potential on the employment market.

Telephone:+31 (0)20 - 665 58 01
Fax:+31 (0)20 - 420 35 28

Mondays to Fridays  9:00 -17:00 hours


Location information

The Derde Schinkel

9 Derde Schinkelstraat
Amsterdam 1075 TJ

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