Makom was founded in the early nineties. A group of highly motivated volunteers created a safe place for homeless people in the community centre of the Oranjekerk (orange church). Several years ago Makom joined the Rainbow Group. At present the drop-in is opened seven days a week and casual relations are typical for our location. Besides, our large group of volunteers creates a diverse and dynamic atmosphere. There are lots of activities during the day and in the evening. We organize a weekly cinema night, where you have to reserve, because it is so popular among our visitors; we also have an open mic event, where our visitors can read their poetry or sing songs. These small parties offer a glimpse of light in the tough lives of our visitors. Makom has always been committed to the inclusion of our target group, even when it was not yet accepted in the field. We have an art studio, where people work on all kinds of art projects, a sweeping team, visitors who take care of facade gardens and a music band. Each new visitor has an intake with one of our staff members, so we can get to know each other and to make a needs inventory.

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153 Van Ostadestraat
Amsterdam 1073 TK

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Become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. 


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