Oud-West is opened 365 days a year and functions as a large living room for homeless people. A conversational atmosphere is characteristic of this drop-in. There is no group forming, everybody hangs with everybody. The protestant church founded the drop-in as a shelter for the lonely elderly. Over the course of time more and more homeless people went there, because of the cheap coffee. It has been a part of the Rainbow Group for several years now. There is a sweeping team that keeps the neighbourhood clean, and next to the drop-in there is our COLORS shop with the candle and bike workshops in the back, where some of the visitors work. These endeavours have increased the vigour of our location. We now produce artisanal candles and fixed bikes and the work offers some distraction and increased self-esteem. Some people have used our services as a stepping-stone and have now found a job elsewhere.



+31 20 616 21 59 (drop-in centre)
+31 20 489 53 45 (office)

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182 Bilderdijkstraat
Amsterdam 1053 LD

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