You may complain!

As a client in the assistance you can deal with situations or circumstances that you are not satisfied with. Of course you discuss this with your supervisor and hopefully it will be better afterwards. If that does is not satisfactory, you can contact the confidential counselor of De Regenboog Groep or the independent complaints committee POA.

client counselor

lina berger, vertrouwenspersoon, vrijwilligers, clienten, deelnemersThe client counselor supports participants, visitors, clients and volunteers if they are dissatisfied or have complaints about De Regenboog Groep. Our confidant is Lina Berger. She helps you to stand up for your interests. She mediates and informs you. All conversations with Lina are confidential and she does not do anything without your permission.

Information: Lina berger │ 06 - 19 17 10 78 |

Platform Opvangsinstellingen Amsterdam (POA)

klachtencommissie POAThe POA is the Platform of Reception Institutions Amsterdam. Six institutions from POA have set up a joint complaints committee. If complaints via your own organization and the counselor of De Regenboog do not yield sufficient results, you can submit a complaint to the (independent) Complaints Committee POA. Examples of complaints: the way in which you have been treated, a decision with which you do not agree, or if in your opinion you are not (any longer) well-assisted.



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