Youngster Buddies

Youngster buddies is a project for youth between 16 and 28 years old, who have difficulty connecting with peers or who have a small social network.

This can be caused by mental health problems, such as phobias or delusions, but it can also be because they are different from other people, for instance due to autism. Youngsters that feel depressed or excluded can also get a buddy through See You.

Some examples of youngsters who had a youngster buddy:

  • Erik (24) has been in confinement several times because of his psychoses. With his medication he has managed to get it under control, and now he wants to participate again.
  • Lola (16) has borderline and a complicated situation at home.
  • Erika, a young woman, studies at the university, but has difficulty doing so because of her limited social network and anxieties; she fears busy places and bars.
  • Jan-Willem (20) has a long-term depression. He lives with his mom, where the walls are closing in on him. He would love to go out more.

Together with a buddy the youngster can do all sorts of things: catch a movie, go for a drink or just have a chat

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