Wanted: friendly creatives!

Use your media skills and support our participants! Wanted: inspiring, friendly people from the creative industry who want to share their knowledge and teach their skills! 

We are looking for creative professionals: podcast makers, film and video pro’s, sound engineers, record label employees, radio makers, photographers, designers, musicians, music teachers, music producers, song writers, PhotoShop, Indesign, Lightroom pro’s. You name it! Use your skills and support our participants!

The Amsterdamse Media Fabriek (AMF) is a collaboration between De Regenboog Groep and media company OVERHAUS, where (mainly young) people work who deal with psychological problems and/or addiction. They all have something in common: the love for music and media!! AMF is a place where they can gain experience in the field of sound, video, image, writing, publishing, online events and productions.

Before joining the AMF, participants follow a training program called Digivibes. The training program consists of talent and skill development. The participants also practice regaining structure, social situations and basic work-related skills (being on time, committing to agreements, etc.).

What are you going to do?

You can decide for yourself! Organize a workshop, teach once a week or month, lead an inspiring project, all good! 

What kind of knowledge or skills are needed?

  • You have experience in the creative industry and want to share your skills
  • You are open minded
  • You are enthusiastic and know how to convey this to others
  • You have some coaching skills and can motivate others
  • You are patient and kind
  • You speak Dutch and/or English

The Volunteer Academy

De Regenboog Groep is affiliated with the Vrijwilligersacademie. As a Regenboog volunteer you have free access to the complete training offer.

What do you get in return?

You are part of a cool creative project. It is a valuable experience: you get to know people outside your own ´social bubble´. 

Your personal attention really means something to our participants! They learn something from you, which creates self-confidence which helps to get their lives back on track and develop their professional skills. You are a real role model for our participants.

Working hours

We will discuss this together, it can all be very flexible so that it fits into your schedule.

How do you sign up?

Sign up below! After that you will receive an e-mail and an invitation to meet the coordinator of the project.

Wil je graag helpen maar weet je niet hoe?

Geen probleem! Wij kennen heel veel mensen die graag een maatje willen en we hebben veel activiteiten die jou hulp kunnen gebruiken. Bel ons op 020-5317600 of laat je gegevens achter, dan helpen wij je verder.

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