People together!

Welcome to The Rainbow Group's website

The Rainbow Group (RG) is committed to people with social problems, the homeless and people facing drug addiction or mental health problems. 

In our 9 drop-in centres we provide for shelter, psychosocial support, meaningful participation and Work Integration Programmes (WIPs). We aim to prevent social isolation and stimulate active social participation.

Wanted: Volunteers!

practical and emotional support

Volunteers and so-called buddies lend practical and emotional support to a client in order to prevent loneliness and social isolation. The support given can be very diverse. Helping with personal files and finances or just having a chat about daily activities. Below you will find a summary of our projects and a description of how to enroll in our program.



Our activities

The drop-in centres of the Rainbow Group offer homeless people some tranquillity in their hectic lives. They can drop by for a healthy meal, a shower or clean clothes.

Vonk is a project for poor people and for those in debt. As a coach you will help them improve their financial situation.

Rainbow Buddy Support is a project for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people whose life is out of balance because of multiple problems and psychological symptoms. Are you open to diversity? Do you have a stable personality? Did you experience a coming out yourself? We need you!

Our group activities offer something for everyone, indoor or outdoor, in a bar or a community centre, creative or culinary, cultural or sportive.

People with mental health problems also need someone who cares.