Working at De Regenboog Groep

You can really make a difference for people who are lonely and often struggle with multiple problems. Straight to our vacancies.


We work at De Regenboog Groep


We are there for people in Amsterdam and surrounding areas who are struggling. They struggle with loneliness, psychological problems, addiction, homelessness, debt and often with several of these problems. We are volunteers, cooperative visitors, staff and other Aardige Amsterdammers who together make space for them, give attention and lend a hand. We do this because we are people just like them. Together we form De Regenboog Groep; for almost 50 years people among each other.

The Regenboog is a fine organization to work for. You get a lot of space and freedom to do your work the way you think works best

Kabul Veldhoen - Trajectcoach Werk en Activering 

Become Regenboog

Regenboog-person you become because you want to advocate for vulnerable fellow citizens of the city. You take initiative and find unconventional solutions when needed. You see bridges and stepping stones where well-trodden paths stop. You develop by learning on the job and taking training and courses. And because The Regenboog has many different departments and functions, you won't be the first to move on to various other places in our organization.


We get the job done with a mix of people. Visitors and participants, volunteers and paid staff. As a result, our raison d'être and its human face is never far away.

Joost Slis (Regenboger sinds 2007)

This distinguishes us

De Regenboog Groep:

  • is Amsterdam. She belongs to the city.
  • is a bit rebellious, when she wants to achieve her goals.
  • believes in people's own strength, even if their situation is so complicated.
  • start new initiatives regularly, to be able to help our helpers.

Experiences of your future colleagues

The Care & Welfare Pension Fund made two videos in which they followed a Regenboog employee. Watch below the experiences Aki (66) and Chiva (29) and of Iris who spends a day at De Regenboog Groep.

Aki (66) is retiring and Chiva (29) has just started. They both work in the homeless shelter. A place where you experience a lot and have to be strong in your shoes. But where you can also mean an awful lot to clients. Before Aki retires, she shares her tips and experiences with Chiva so she can make a good start. This report was made by Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW).

Iris changes jobs for a day and immerses herself in the homeless shelter. This report was produced by Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW).


Our work is really about the people, whom we try to value and empower

Bas de Groot - Work & Activation program coordinator

Welkom bij De Regenboog Groep

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